Most people like drinking water and we generally know how important water is for our own body and health. The human body contains 60 percent of water, whilst our brain exist of 75 percent of water. The human blood even contains 83 percent of water. Our body uses water all the time, but unfortunately we don’t possess our own water reservoir. Water leaves our body via urination, stool, sweat and our breath. We need to ensure the water that we lose, gets refreshed all the time. The level of water that you need to refresh depends on a couple of factors, the climate you live in, the level of physical activity and – of course – your overall health. For most people compensating the loss of water, means drinking water from the tap or from bottles/cans

Tap water in the Netherlands

Drinking water from bottles is expensive and not needed at all. Moreover, water from bottles does not always contain the requires level of nutrients that are generally considered a healthy. The tap water in the Netherlands is still of high quality and generally safe to use. There are however places in the country where the quality of drinking water is at risk and less clean than expected. The water company takes the steps to process the water that they intake from ground water or surface water and to extract as much of the dangerous elements before putting the water in the water pipe system in your region. When you read the annual reports of the water companies and the number of publications about the quality of drinking water, it is obvious that it takes the companies more and more effort to ensure drinking water within the European and local regulations. Luckily for you in most cases the level of damaging elements in the tap water remains within these strict regulatory levels, but how sure are you that the European regulations are right for you. And what about people that are not “the average person” for whom the regulations have been written. What if your personal circumstances would require other levels of toxins in your drinking water?

On these pages we will continue to keep you informed and to provide you with the information you need to make your own choice about what water you would like to drink to stay in good shape.

The importance of (purified) water for the human body

It seems so obvious that drinking water is healthy for you. Health organisations continue to advise us: make sure you drink enough water/fluids, on average 2.0-2,5 litres a day. Or even better: drink something at least every 2-3 hours to stay in good health.

Without water in our blood and saliva our body cannot function properly. The water in our body controls our body temperature and ensures we have enough liquids in our body needed for smooth muscles and joints.

Dehydration as a result of not drinking enough and the loss of body fluids caused by heath or exercise are a significant cause for health issues.

Clean drinking water

The stomach and intestinal system requires water to process and remove food from the human body. Water makes sure solid food nutrients are dissolved and that our stool is soft and easy to be processed and transferred from our body. The lack of sufficient water can result in constipation and other problems with our digestion.

Water is essential for our skin, without water the skin will dehydrate and cause all kinds of skin problems.

The human body benefits most from drinking purified water, water that has been disposed of the toxic waste. The best way to achieve this would be drinking water purified by our water filtration systems. Our systems all have one thing in common: purification of tap water into clean drinking water without most of the bad elements. The result that goes into your body is pure and healthy water.

Health complaints

Dehydration can result is all kinds of health complaints. The most observed complaints are:

The most common complaints are:

  • Head aches
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration loss
  • Dizziness
  • Delayed responsiveness
  • Dry mouth, throat or lips
  • Reduced stamina
  • Poor visibility from dry eyes
  • Dry skin
  • Dark and smelling urine

More serious health complaints associated with low body fluids triggered by vomiting or diarrhea are:

  • Constipation
  • Blocked urinary tract
  • Kidney stones

What can you expect from our water filters?

Our water filters all have multi-functional elements.

The Aqualine table filters always have a ceramic filter to remove the first wave of pollution, mainly existing of unsolved elements like micro plastics, calcium and magnesium. In the second wave of filtration most other remaining elements are removed by our multi-stage purification filter. During this second stage elements like drug residues, hormones, GenX, heavy metals, pesticides, chloride and chemicals are almost completely removed.

During stages 1 and 2 the healthy elements, like minerals are also removed. As some minerals are generally considered healthy we offer you the use of mineral stones, that will enrich the purified water in the drinking reservoir with 18 essential minerals.

PH Value

Tap water – in most regions of the Netherlands – is PH neutral. The level of PH in the water is an important element for your body to maintain the acidity of your body organs.

For certain groups of people drinking water with a enriched PH-level is advised by the health communities. We offer you a way to  increase the PH-level of the purified water by placing a PH-ring in the water reservoir. The PH ring will increase the PH-level with 1.5. Water with an increased PH-level – alkaline or base water – is used by top athletes to combat acidification after heavy sporting, but is generally perceived healthy for all of us.

The special tap attached to the purified water reservoir vitalises the water just before drinking it. Vitalised water is easily absorped by the human body, something you will immediately notice when drinking the water. The water will have no specific taste of smell left and will feel smooth in your mouth while drinking. This will make drinking the prescribed quantity of water easy and fun.

Als laatste stap in het filtratieproces zorgt het tapkraantje ervoor dat het water wordt gevitaliseerd. Dit betekent eigenlijk dat het water makkelijker drinkbaar wordt, omdat de structuur van het water door het tapkraantje wordt veranderd. Klinkt ingewikkeld, maar bij het drinken proeft u gelijk wat wij bedoelen. Gevitaliseerd water voegt energie toe aan uw lichaam, het kost geen enkele moeite om de dagelijks aanbevolen hoeveelheid water te drinken.